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Striking cover; beautful production values; great book!

Mickey Spillanes Files Mike Hammer

Mickey Spillanes Files Mike Hammer

Just received my copy of From the Files of... Mike Hammer and I couldn't be more impressed. I was quite surprised to read a rather negative review taking issue with the book's cover, design and quality. The cover is indeed eye-catching and really captures the mood of the strip. The cover is not an over-done incoherent mess, like many other reprint book covers, but a elegant images that jumps right out at you. The dis-satisfied customer obviously doesn't know or appreciate what an art book is, as that's the treatment given by Hermes to Mike Hammer. I would note that the other "reviewer" raves about a number of mediocre books by other publishers with nothing short of raves. But, back to Mike Hammer, the printing is sharp and clear, the size of the strips is large and easy to read and the Sunday's look great. I took the time to call the Production Manager at Hermes Press and he told me that the people who worked on this book all work for Hermes Press in their graphic design department and they work on all the company's books. He also explained that the material for the Sundays was indeed the original tabloids supplied by Max Allan Collins. This book not only includes all the dailies and Sundays (in fantastic color) but two essays by Max Allan Collins, a section on the restoration of the strips, and a chapter on Mike Hammer in Popular culture. This is a beautifully designed artbook in the classic sense of what art books are. Highly recommended.

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    does anyone know who was involved- as supporters and/or opponents of eliot ness?