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Mennonite Little Black Dress Memoir

Mennonite Little Black Dress Memoir

I know I'm late in my review, but after falling in love with this book I could not help but want to check out how much others must have loved it as well. To my surprise, and to my dismay, this incredibly hilarious, well-written, touching, honest, and descriptive recount of a woman's life has caused quite the controversy and in return received some undeserving reviews; many of which are not based on the quality of writing or the content, but the author herself and the validity/worthiness of her life experiences. I cannot be convinced that rating Ms. Janzen as a human being is the same as rating her memoir (which she openly and hilariously mocks herself and her life choices in).
If you are looking to read a memoir that is not honest, that does not have sad moments to it, that is not an attempt at accurately portraying the difficulties or realities of life then this book is not for you. You may want to consider reading the memoir of Paris Hilton (if she has one) instead. Rhoda Janzen is an actual human being who has had actual life experiences that may actually cause you to feel things, and she talks about them, and she does not sugar coat them, and that is actually one of the best parts of this book!
Her narration is lovely. Her honesty is bold. Her ability to assess her life circumstances and to openly dialogue about her faith, her upbringing, and her convictions is genuine (even if I do not understand or agree with all of them). Rhoda is a wonderful author and Mennonite in a Little Black Dress is a great memoir that I was truly touched by and would recommend to anyone.

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    Any good biography recommendations. I don't mind dark. Doesn't have to be light reading like Marley and me.