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Battaglia Mafia Series Continue to Pack a Punch!!!

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Karen Kane Womens Plus Size Sleeved

I just completed the third installment of Battaglia (La Sposa). This was an awesome read as it answered a lot of questions I had from the previous 2 books. I enjoyed the history and background of the characters. I was glad to see Catalina's growth, but the jury is still out with me about her relationship with Domi. Giovanni has revealed in a big way a character flaw that we always knew existed; insecurity, impatience, and a bit of deceit, but it is now in full bloom. I understand his "why's" to a certain extent, but since he and Mirabella exchanged vows, he has become rather twisted about the concept of marriage in my opinion... too many secrets on various levels and truths by omission. Mirabella is not has fragile he thinks she is. Mira is WOMAN, she's much stronger than he gives her credit for being and she's pregnant. (Gio never thought about the stress he's put her through during pre-wedding prep, honeymoon and the shade he threw her in the boxing cellar).

I am glad to see the Marietta's character introduced, hope all works well for her in the pursuit of her family and her love interest; it will probably be a roller coaster ride. Lorenzo is still chasing a means to an end in his deceitful indiscretion(s). He's getting in deeper and deeper. I think he and Marietta have good qualities beneath the fa�ade; however, I think they are both broken due to childhood issues. Rosetta... not getting a good vibe. Isabella seems to be so much like her biological mother! Scary!

Now that I have the history of some of the characters, I think I am better prepared to really understand the rest of the series. I can hardly wait for the next installment. This one was very informative and riveting. All kinds of personalities, past and present, just exploded off the page! Great read.

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