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Silhouette Sparrow Molly Beth Griffin

Silhouette Sparrow Molly Beth Griffin

I loved the story of Daniel and Cynda, found it to be a beautifully written account of an interracial couple in the deep South, thrown together through circumstance, and their journey together toward a lasting love, which neither expected, but both wanted desperately, Daniel most of all, I think. This is the second in the series, and I loved it as much, if not more than the first. I will read the entire series, I was hooked from the beginning on the Devilish DeMarco Men, strong, willful brothers, all with a depth and character not immediately apparent. For those who didn't "get" this family from reading this book in part or in full, I would suggest starting at the beginning with Colton's story, though I would agree each can stand alone, I also feel that reading them in order gives one an insight into the family as a whole, not gained here.
There is strong sexual content,that is the genre, after all, BUT let me say that IMHO that it is such a small part of what this book is about, that it plays no part whatsoever in my opinion of the story. The fact that there IS a family and that there IS a beautiful, and very moving story behind it makes it unique in itself.
Cynda is FAR more than she appears from reading the first few chapters, her character was written with such strength,she made me laugh, made my heart ache, and made me love her....I find Ms Connor to be an extremely talented writer, who makes you fall in love with a family of mixed up, tormented brothers, and the strong, loving, and unforgettable women that find, and choose to keep them. She writes with insight, sensitivity, and a caring for this fictional family that is lacking in so many books of this genre. I strongly recommend not just Wildly Inappropriate, but the entire series, I can hardly wait for the next one!!!

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