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Allegra K Woman Single Shoulder Hugging Mini Dress Solid Black XS

Japanese Cosplay Lolita French Costume

Japanese Cosplay Lolita French Costume

Mike Hammer is awaken in a hotel room being slapped by a detective in VENGEANCE IS MINE by Mickey Spillane. His army friend whit whom he spent the evening drinking and remembering is dead beside the bed. Chester Wheeler's death is ruled a suicide as Mike's gun was the instrument of death and it is in the man's hand.
Mike is shaken when the DA takes his license and his gun though it is proven that Mike didn't fire the gun. When Homicide Captain Pat Chambers empties the gun there are only four bullets. Mike's gun alway held six -- Wheeler's death wasn't a suicide, but murder.
Without a licence Mike takes to the streets while his secretary Velma become the boss. Their search through the underworld and society's play grounds opens a simple murder to a wide open case of blackmail and gambling.
A fast read of one of the best.
Nash Black, author of HAINTS.

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