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My Trivial Life And Misfortune : Meum and Tuum

My Trivial Life And Misfortune

My Trivial Life And Misfortune

My Trivial Life And Misfortune : Meum And Tuum was written by my Great Great Aunt Ally Ingham , known in the family as Tally , she was also a gifted artist .
This book was first published by G.P.Putnam's Sons New York 1883 , I have an original first two volumes .
The book was published in America , because family members were caricatured in the book ; there was a fear they might recognise themselves .
Eventually they did read the books and were very angry .
This is an amazing story of what it was like to be a plain young girl coming out in London society . Apart from soirees to raise money to buy pyjamas for the Hareem of the Sultan , I recall a touching scene where she is trapped behind an Aspedistra and hears a group of mothers discussing her very unkindly . Her mother is a widow and rather shy ; they are socially organised by an aunt who is completely nuts . The aunt wears a silk dress in black and canary yellow stripes with points at the bottom . This dress belonged to an elder sister , very tall and simple , my father once wore it for a fancy dress party and it has been in my posession too .
The second volume Meum An Tuum is again a very moving story that depicts the life of a single woman . They are now living in a country house with an Uncle , but his nutty wife rules the roost and makes life very uncomfortable . One gets an immage of gentry living slightly beyond their means , the house very cold in winter , one horse and carriage to be used sparingly . There is a most beautiful love scene , that makes my heart stop . These two volumes give an insight to the sad life of a single woman in the Victorian era , I strongly recommend it .

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  1. Are you in your comfort zone? what makes you feel you are in your comfort zone? What does it makes to your life style, does it make you want better?

  2. When my life is perfect, I always find something to worry about. Is this normal?