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Clarks Control Alluring Romance ebook

Clarks Control Alluring Romance ebook

The sword of truth is an incredable serie that is very disputed about. there are mainly two schools of thought: this is a great, original series that is worth reading many times; or, this is a very overused and cliched idea and nothing really worth reading.

I think that it is the first, and not the latter. I basiclly read only one gnerea of books and that is the sci-fi/fantasy novels and more the fantasy. I just soak up all the fantasy books I can get my hands on. That being said I know original ideas when I see them in my opion this is a orininal idea.

this is the story about a man named Richard which is funny becuase he is the only person is the book who has a normal name. anyways Richard turns out to be the seeker which is this guy who gets the sword of truth, which has magical powers, and is saposed to find answers to questions the seeker wishes to know, hence the sword of TRUTH.

throught the book he is trying to thwart the bad guy Darken rhal because rhal is tring to access this ancient magic over life itself.

the second book and the third have equally bad things that Richard Kahlen and all the other charachters have to overcome.

anyways wizards firt rule is a great begining to a great fantasy series. and I would give this series ten stars if i could the first book i read so fast and bumbed it up to my favortite book and then i read the second and third books and they were even better.

this is a great series and i would recomended it to anyone with the exception of a younger person mabye ten or eleven or younger.

I say this not because it is especially difficult to read. I am 14 and me and some of my SAME AGE FRIENDS loved it. i say that because this is a true to life book one of the reasons i loved it. when i say true to life i mean there was everyting from tortureing and sadeism to lesbian lovers to rape all descriped in more length than an average fight sence.

like i said, i enjoyed it because i thought that it was more true to life and not watered down when most books are. this is not to say don't read this book all the stuff mentioned above is not the main part of the book. one of the main themes throughout the book is a love between Richard and Khalen. and friendships aswell.

this is a great begining and i can't wait to get the fourth book and start it.

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